Mughal And Their Incredible Roof Designing

The Mughalhave ruledthe subcontinent for centuries. During the 15th and the 18th century was their peak time. This rule was passed on to the king’s son when he died and so they ruled for much of a time. The Mughal left a whole lot of pieces of their architecture so that they could be remembered. Their piece of art is still unique and no one has ever been able to make such artistic piece of art till today. Their architecture was basically Persian, Islamic and Indian. It was the combination of such types of architecture. All of the monuments build by the Mughal were different and had such innovative designs. Those monuments werand e all so durable that they still stand today and represent the art loving Mughal. alking about the era of Akbar, he built a lot of monuments during his reign.

One of his monuments is Sheesh Mahal. This building has a superb architecture as this building is covered with small pieces of mirrors. The roof of the hall raises up to two floors. The roofs are also covered in small mirrors and the mirrors make a beautiful design. The roof of this monument is made from white marble as Lahore does not experience extreme weathers. The roof is covered with colorful mirrors that differentiate it from the other Mughal monuments. Something that was common among ell of the Mughal emperor’s designs were that all of their monuments had long heighted roofs and the buildings were made out of very hard material such as marble so that it lasts for centuries. The Taj Mahal made by Shah Jahan is the one of the eight wonders of the world.

Its design and artistic architecture is unique and it is sais that all those people who made this monuments had their hands cut off by Shah Jahan because he did not want any one else to build any monuments that is similar to Taj Mahal. All of the monuments made by the Mughal have a different interior roof design. But for the outer design is quite similar. All of the monuments have a finial at the top of it which is actually a symbol of the Mughal architecture and was made out of gold. But the gold was later on replaced by bronze in the 19th century.Furthermore, their monuments had almost the same shape which actually looks like a Muslim mosque. All of the important monuments have long heighted roofs and mostly have a spherical shape. For example, the national monument in Islamabad, Taj Mahal in Agra, Lahore Fort in Lahore, Sheesh Mahal in Lahore, Mazar-e-Quaid etc. Thus, the Mughal architecture is and will remain unique in this world as there is no one who can make such beautiful monument