Facts You Never Knew About Yacht Models

The sun perches in its highest throne for the day – midday – and shines with all its might on the pure blue ocean of the tropics. The bright light slowly reveals the darker horizon in crisp, clear detail. The intense light also reveals a bright ship painted in all white as it makes its way across the water. The passengers of the ship marvel as the smaller ship catches up to their own in mere minutes with amazing speed. This ship can also maneuver circles around most large ships like cruisers. The ships themselves, however, are not cut out for long rides. More than any other type of diminutive ship, this boat enjoys shorter sprints of speed rather than long distance marathons. This is due in part to the way the ship was built. Despite other models that come close, yacht models appear to be the fastest looking ships on the market today. Models with great speed are find their peak in yacht models and their contemporaries. The model boat crown of fragility goes to yacht models as well, however.


The skinny build of real life yachts is multiplied in today’s yacht models. The smaller the ratio of the model, the more likely it will be fragile. In order to balance this weakness out, many a modeler refuses to put tiny parts that would stick out from the model boat and likely break off. Due to this, many of the small parts seen on other models are not seen on yacht models themselves. These models should be kept mostly off limits to excessive handling. The name ‘yacht’ literally means ‘small boat’ in the Netherlands. These ships allowed Dutch merchants, who used them most often, to trade and travel quickly. The Netherlands was mostly low lying reef with shallow pockets below sea level, and as such the ships were designed for this environment. As such, these ships have low, hollow hulls that allow for great turning at high speeds. As time passed, many larger versions of these ships were made. These ships were a favored vessel among European royalty. When an exiled prince of England returned to his homeland on one, their popularity literally exploded. Owning these ships soon became a measure of wealth and status. Many of them never had the time to ride on their newly bought vessels. Rooms that have these yacht models within them are given an air of true maritime enjoyment. No matter the other decorative themes present in a home, this ship makes a grand effort to fit in seamlessly. The scarce few colors on this model may help as well. The outer casing of this ship is most commonly painted a fresh, pure white. This white color is as much a decorative choice as a safety precaution in real life; a white ship is one of the most easily seen things on the dark parts of the ocean. If it fits the model, many colors can be chosen by the owner in the stead of the simple, plain white. Paints such as metallic golds and bronze, deep matte red, and dark indigo blue are among the most iconic colors.