How to keep your artwork as fresh as the day it was created

Article: ” How to keep your artwork as fresh as the day it was created ”
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Clueless about how to protect the beautiful acrylic painting you received as a birthday e Wondering how to mat and frame your new watercolor? Here’s a handy guide on how to care for your precious artwork, no matter what media it was created in.

. Handling
. Storage
. Transporting
. Matting
. Framing
. Laminating
. Display
. Cleaning

Special care for different types of media

. Acrylics
. Oils
. Watercolors
. Pastels
. Charcoal, Pencil, Colored pencil, Crayon drawings
. Ink drawings
. Digital art


Always use great care in handling artwork. Never touch the surface of the art with your bare fingers as the natural oils, acids and salts on your skin can transfer to the artwork and cause permanent damage. If you must touch the art, wear cotton gloves.


Artwork not displayed should be stored in a clean, dry, dark and well-ventilated area in moderate temperatures and humidity levels that do not fluctuate a great deal. Avoid storage in basements, attics or garages as extreme temperatures and moisture can damage the artwork.

Store unframed art flat with acid-free paper between each item, or store individual items in archival-quality envelopes.

Avoid storing art between cardboard, as it is highly acidic and can damage artwork over time.