Social Conception about E-crime

This is because there is a lack of awareness in the Saudi Arabia society regarding online criminal activities, and in general, it is perceived that cybercrime is not a punishable offence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, there is a growing need of defense implementation and policies regarding control of cybercrime in the Saudi society. There had never been a concrete cyber law in the Saudi Arabia legislature. However, during early 2007, with pressure from internal political powers and entities, the Saudi Arabia government was forced to pass a new legislation which defined the different kinds of online criminal activities in their adequate sense. This law was approved by the Council of Ministers and was made into an act, which was later welcomed by most of the Saudi leaders and experts who deemed this as a revolutionary step towards protecting the Saudi Arabia society from the growing threat of internet fraud and other online criminal behaviors. Although this law is based to deal with modern phenomenon, it is primarily formulated on the basics of Islamic principles and laws. Earlier, the late King FahadIbnAbdulaziz had declared that the Basic Governance System of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be based on the Islamic religious law and that the administration in governance will be decreed by the authority of Holy Qur’an and the traditional sayings of Prophet Muhammad, called the Sunnah. It was stated in this Article Seven of the governing system that all administrative policies and principles will work towards enforcement of the Islamic law, which is the basic and fundamental code behind all objectives and rules of the kingdom.

It has been decided that all criminals of Internet fraud will be judged in discretion with the authority of the chief executive as per the seriousness of the crime. It was also said that the ruler can amend the penalties and judicial system for cyber offenders with the interest of the public in mind. The ruler has also been authorized to enforce the Islamic criminal policies in the most appropriate way that deals with the criminal and determines the penalty for the crime. In fact, many philosophers and Islamic legal experts believe that the policies of any nation should be dynamic with the changing times and although in compliance with the Islamic teachings, should not be kept rigid and should respond in all adequacies in the best interest of the people.