Tips to choose a cooling mattress for hot sleepers

The cooling mattress is a specific mattress allowing you to actively cool down and create plenty of airflows. To bring a great airflow, this mattress needs aerated foams, coils or a gel-like material with a Efficiency Heating
Cooling limited surface area. Thanks to its active cool,  you will have a good sleep with ideal temperature.


Materials of cooling mattress

– Gel Materials are infrequently used for the cooling mattress but this material will create a great airflow for your mattress, for example. The Original Purple Mattress uses Hyper-Elastic Polymer for the top layer.

– Innersprings: This material will let in a lot of airflow for the cooling mattress. Innersprings will support the system for the mattress and can be buried in layers of foam.

– Pocketed Coils: These coils are wrapped in a light fabric making plenty of air. It will be an added advantage of limited motion transfer. Moreover, it’s durable and cooler than poly foams.

– Proprietary Foams: This material will play roles on a case-by-case basis including cool and warm sleep.


– Gel Memory Foam: In order to keep cooler, cooling mattress providers will use new-age memory foam with gel interwoven. In fact, it’s a layer of memory foam keeping you cool.

Some notes for hot sleepers

  1. The Cover

The mattress cover is an important part of making a good sleep. However, most people ignore this factor. If you want a cool sleep, you can use one of two types of mattress covers below.

– Phase-Change Material: This material will reduce your body heat and cool you down. Nowadays, this phase-change material becomes popular because it can keep you cool for the first touch.

– Breathability:  If you own a cover with magic material, you can keep the cool temperature and breathable. It’s very easy to test breathability! You need only to lift a portion of the cover off of the mattress and review how thin or thi