Top 3 Reasons Why Natural Skin Moisturizers Should Be Used Instead of Synthetic

Have you seen those women who look heavily made up even without makeup on because they have slathered some strange chemical brew on their faces to “improve” their appearance? Your skin is alive and it demands high quality, natural skin moisturizers to stay healthy and vibrant. Natural products are specifically designed to be easily absorbed, well used, and beneficial to your skin.Your skin is your largest organ. You wouldn’t try to improve the health of your liver by pumping it full of to, would you? Yet people routinely do just that to their skin. Facial skin is even more delicate than body skin, but that is where most of the chemicals end up. It drives me crazy when I see people layering on petroleum based creams on their skin – I just have to turn away or I will be too tempted to let them know exactly how they are stressing their most responsive organ.No doubt about it, natural is the way to go; let’s look at why.A Natural Face Cream Feeds Your SkinI’ve already said it: a natural product is the best, and that is even more so when it comes to your face. Natural skin moisturizers use the ingredients Mother Nature was wise enough to provide and feed your skin in a way that no synthetic can match.There are three things you want your face cream to do:1. Restore collagen and elastin to the skin2. Increase hyaluronic acid in the skin3. Fight free radicalsNatural products do this very well.Natural Products Restore SkinThere are several ways to restore essential proteins such as collagen and elastin to the skin, but the best of them by far is to use a product called Cynergy TK. Not yet available to most of the skin care market, it is found in natural skin moisturizers. As your skin care products build the levels of these proteins in the skin, you will see your wrinkles decrease dramatically.Hyaluronic acid levels drop as we age and as those levels drop, skin displays less elasticity and plumpness. Granted, there aren’t many places we want to appear plump, but skin is one of them. When hyaluronic acid is included in natural skin moisturizers by the addition of a Japanese kelp extract, skin resumes its younger, fuller appearance.They Fight Free Radicals EffectivelyFree radicals are better known for their connection to cancers throughout the body, but they occur on the facial skin as well. In fact, they are probably responsible for most skin cancers. By using a natural skin moisturizer that employs potent anti-oxidants that penetrate deeply into the skin’s layers, you reduce the prevalence of free radicals, and that is why a natural face cream is your best choice.Don’t Stop With MoisturizersOf course, your face needs more than just moisturizer; a high quality facial cleanser, eye cream, and body lotion are all part of the complete skin healing package. Natural ingredients are more readily absorbed by the body, don’t require the liver to break them down in a detoxification process, and feel great too.If you’re ready to put aside the chemicals and start using only products with natural ingredients learn more about natural skin moisturizers now. You’ll be amazed at the high quality products waiting for you – and your skin.